God Says No to Table Gambling in Charleston, West Virginia


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According to John Miller, a Charleston West Virginia Councilman, God would vote no for table game expansion in the Tri-State Racetrack and Gaming Center.

Miller rallied a South Charleston crowd on Saturday, asking them what they thought God would vote on the upcoming table gambling referendum. The crowed yelled ‘NO!’

“Be proud and say it loud,” Miller said, and they did.

Miller seems to have forgotten, as many other politicians in the United States, that religion is meant to be a separate entity to the government, not run by it.

“The government is not supposed to be run the way some believe their God thinks it should be run,” said Gordon Price of Casino Gambling Web.

In one of the most outrageous statements a politician has made, okay well there are other more outrageous statements, but Miller said, “It is factual that gambling destroys families.”

However, it is also true that beer, liquor, wine and other alcohol destroys families too. It is also a fact that cigarettes destroy families. Driving on a busy street can ruin a family too – if a father is hit by a car as he makes a turn. However, it is legal to drive a car on a busy street.

Alcohol is not banned because people’s lives can be ruined from it – because there are hundreds of millions of people whose lives are not ruined from it and it is not fair, or free, to cut the majority off for the benefit of the very few, Price said.

In a Harvard study released last month it was reported that of every 40,000 people only 0.4% develop problems with gambling.

That Harvard study is factual, Price said, based on a controlled subject group and extensive evidence, but it appears the religious in the United States make their own facts on what their God believes and then make laws based on those ‘facts’.

Here are a few actual facts…

1) Expanding to table games in the West Virginia County will bring 1,000 new jobs to the area and increase tourism.

2) $250 million will be brought to construction companies in the area.

3) Tax money from the new table games will go to fund state programs.

4) Of 100,000 people to enter a casino, 400 of them have or will develop gambling problems in the future. That is 0.4% of the total population.

“There are many reasons why anti-gambling lobbyists are wrong in their ideas about gambling,” said Price, “but the most important that everyone in the United States must remember is that laws based on religious morals are unconstitutional.”

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