Getting the casino on your computer

The whole world is talking about Online Poker and Online Casinos. If you like to try internet gambling but don?t consider yourself a computer expert, don?t be worried. You don?t need to be one, because installing an online casino and getting started is really easy. If you can live without fancy 3D graphics and only want to go for the pure game, you don’t even have to install anything. Just go to the casino of your choice and start the browser version of the software. Almost all casinos and card rooms offer this option now, because these “flash”-casinos can be used on any computer with internet connection – Macintosh, Linux and mobile devices included. You can even use it right now in the library or in your office (if your boss doesn’t mind, of course).

Flash is a programming language for internet applications, mostly games and animations. The flash-based casinos work on every computer that is not older than from around 2002. For computers before that – try it out. It’s normally free to use the gambling software without real money and you should do this anyway to test the casino and to practice you strategies. In case of download casinos with digital sound and real 3D graphics your computer should be up to date though.

You don’t need a fast internet connection for all this. Sure, if you decide to download a huge 600MB 3D-Casino, it might take a while, but once your game is up, all that is transferred are little numbers, like poker hands and wagers. No fancy graphics and sounds unless you decide to play at a casino with video dealer.

In other words: Don’t be afraid of the technology as everything on the sites is self-explaining and the casinos are most probably working on your machine and with your connection.

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