Manukau City Raises The Debate Over Casino Location in Poor Areas

Manukau City has decided that they are trimming the amount of casino licenses that they give out. The city has said that it will not issue any new licenses, even if any of their existing casinos close their doors.

Manukau’s Policies and Activities Committee has made the decision not to issue any more licenses due to the fact that some of Manukau’s poorest cities are flooded with gaming machines.

The decision sparks a rare debate in which both sides have some very strong points.

Many believe that a casino in a poor area is advantageous because the casino will bring both money, and newly created jobs into the poor neighborhood.

Opponents of this train of thought say that casinos should not be put in areas of poverty and high risk crime.

In America, casino gambling is being expanded in nearly every state, and the hope is that the money that is generated super cedes the problems that could arise from putting these casinos in poor areas.

Both sides of the argument have strong points. The answer to both sides coming out correct in this debate is education. If enough education and support is available in cities where these casinos are being built, the area will have a better chance of growing because of the casinos.

Economical stability has occurred in many areas where casinos have been built, and with the right educational tools, expansion of casinos in poor areas could be a benefit to the community.


Las Vegas Sands Corporation Out of The Running For Kansas Casino

Las Vegas Sands Corporation owns the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino in Las Vegas. One would think that if they could gain approval in the city where casino gambling is king, then a place like Kansas would be a breeze.

Not so fast. The Unified Government of Wyandotte County board of commissioners said no to a $500 proposal from Sands. The planning Commission actually rejected the offer, and the board upheld the rejection.

With that proposal gone, the state is down to their final four casino proposals. The Kansas Lottery Commission will have final say as to which proposal is accepted, but local governments can endorse one or more of the remaining proposals.

The Cordish Co. with Kansas Speedway is one of the remaining proposals. Fox Tribes and Kickapoo-Sac have also submitted a $300 million proposal.

Las Vegas based company Pinnacle Entertainment is another of the groups looking to bring a casino to the state. The last group is headed by the Mohegan Tribal Gaming Authority and Red Development, LLC.

Back in the spring, Wyandotte County became eligible for casino expansion in the state of Kansas due to new legislation that was passed.

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