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Month: April 2017

Manukau City Raises The Debate Over Casino Location in Poor Areas

Manukau City has decided that they are trimming the amount of casino licenses that they give out. The city has said that it will not issue any new licenses, even if any of their existing casinos close their doors. Manukau’s Policies and Activities Committee has made the decision not to issue any more licenses due to the fact that some of Manukau’s poorest cities are flooded with gaming machines. The decision sparks a rare debate […]

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Manchester Wins Casino Location And Gains Legal Battle

As is the case with any decisions that involve legalizing gambling, there have been mixed emotions for the city of Manchester since being awarded Britain’s approval for a Las Vegas style casino. The Manchester City Council is now preparing to carry on with a legal battle if the government tries to stop the casino project. Communities Secretary Hazel Blears has been asked by Gordon brown to put a hold on the casino plans, and to […]

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Macau To Crack Down On Illegal Workers In Gambling Industry

The Macau gambling industry has risen to epic proportions over the last few years, but it has not been free of controversy, and now the leaders of Macau have vowed to crack down on illegal workers in the industry. Local residents have complained that many of the high priced casino resorts that are going up in Macau are doing so with illegal workers, who companies can pay less than minimum wage to, but the leaders […]

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